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Two pendants, two completely different lives unite perhaps by chance or perhaps by fate. One life has it all as the other has nothing. Yuki lost his parents at an early age and was sent to live in an orphanage while Takuya used his money to bribe his friends. With the two pendants magically appearing in their lives, everything changes. As the story unravels, the mystery of the pendants do too. The fight of their lives begin as the school is suddenly attacked by The Fade, an underworld demonic group who are trying to take over Earth for it's life energy so that they can regain control of the Heavens. Only thing that could stop The Fade is the awakening power of these two boys, but when given the chance to choose sides by a new student, what would they decide to do? ~Warning~ There is BL, HL, and Violence in this manga. Enjoy! :) **Read Left to Right**



Okay, so the thing about Fading Heart is that our colorists drop out after a few weeks, which sucks. So I am currently searching for a colorist that could help color/tone the drawings. If anyone is interested, please message me on here. Onegaisimasu! It'll be of great help <3

~Ziv X.

» Yuki Loves You!

Just wanted to show my love to you guys! I really appreciate the fans taking time to read this! Me and Chika will definitely not let you guys down. I hope you will enjoy FH in all its glory!

Also, just so you know, BL will be coming in the future chapters for sure, so be patient my loves! <3 [Hint: Lots of it in Ch. 7 (I think) :D ]

Enough for now, I hope to see you guys commenting!


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