Prologue End - September 11th, 2010, 7:31 pm
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Small page [Posted by ZivXanthus on September 11th, 2010, 7:37 pm]

Here's a page just to let you guys know that the prologue is over, and the image, that got to my heart big time. Awww, I feel so bad for Yuki now, especially since there is more pain to come for him :( Lets hope there's some happiness too!

There will be a cover page up soon this week. I'm moving back to college tomorrow so I'll be busy for a few days, but my bestest budd ever, Chika <3 , will continue working, although she did have to do some recovering of her comp, so hopefully it'll be quick.

After the cover page, there may be a slight delay for updates mainly because I want to give baeduxai some time to story board, draw, and everything, so don't fret, FH will update!

Thanks for your support <3 I loves all of y'all, in the way that Moe loves porn :) [oh, shoot, I dropped a character name O.o]

Edit: My prayers go out to the families that were affected by the 9/11 attacks .This page alone kind of reminds me of the pain that those people had to go true, how they wanted to save the lives of their loved ones, but they couldn't. Don't give up hope, when there are times of despair and sadness, keep hope, because there surely will be happiness at the end of the dark tunnel.

@BlackFire_Chan You never replied to my other comment I left you on the prev page :( lol. Yes you were right! :)

@Circe I thought it was pretty too ^.^ Minus the deaths :( but I'm glad you cought the hints I put in the pages. I figured they were pretty strong lol.

@Enchatnma I know, I saw this and I got teary eyed myself and I knew it was going to happy :)

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[Posted by BlackFire_Chan on September 18th, 2010, 11:44 pm]

im sorry i loves you! xD i knew cause the pretty yellow colors on his fhace! XD and i just felt impending doom aproaching not to mention your warnings of unhappiness to come! xD im very deductive! yay!

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